3.3V MS5607 I2C/SPI Pressure Temperature Altitude Sensor Module


  • Use to detect temperature and barometric pressure for a weather station or as an altimeter for applications such as drones and RC aircraft
  • I2C or SPI operation, and can be connected directly to the 40 pin header of a Raspberry Pi (using I2C)
  • Simple connection to 3.3V Arduino
  • Can be chained together with other VintLabs modules (when using with I2C they simply plug into one another!)
  • Arduino code available at https://github.com/pvint/Arduino-Altimeter
  • Connect with an HC-05 Bluetooth transceiver and get readings on Android. App available at https://github.com/pvint/Arduino-Altimeter/tree/master/apk (It’s pretty basic, but does a bit better smoothing of altitude than just using the Arduino)
  • Connections can be made to either the male or the female connector

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The MS5607 based Barometric pressure and temperature sensor is useful as weather station, altimeter, data logging, etc. It can sense temperatures from -40°C to +85°C and pressures from 1 kPa to 120 kPa (0.15 – 17.4 PSI), and altitude can be calculated to a maximum accuracy of 20 cm (~4 inches) This module can be used at 1.8 to 3.6V – do not run at 5V!



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