16 Channel High-Power I2C PWM LED/Servo Driver


16-Channel 2A/Output PCA9685 I2C PWM Driver

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Based on the PCA9685 controller with P-Channel MOSFET output drivers, drive LED lighting (not just little LEDs, but actual LED lighting!), servo motors and more at up to 2A per channel (10A total). Simple I2C control from an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other systems.

Can be powered from 5-24V DC (10A total maximum) and logic levels are 3.3V (can be changed to 5V by changing R38 from 39kΩ to 68kΩ).

In use this is compatible with similar I2C PCA9685 devices and software with the exception that this device is powered from an external power source (5-24V) with an on-board voltage regulator. The regulator is a robust LM2931 to withstand noisy environments.

For high efficiency (and cool operation) on the driver outputs, DMG2305 P-Channel MOSFETs are used, with an Rds of about 50mΩ.


Command-line C code (designed, tested and used on various Raspberry Pi boards, including Pi 3 B+ and Pi Zero Wireless):


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